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This is a dynamic calculator that requires Javascript.
This takes user input via Javascript, and may use changing prices from the Grand Exchange Market Watch.
If prices appear to be outdated, purge the page by clicking here.
 template  = :Calculators/Urns/Base
 form      = urncalc
 result    = urncalc_res
 param     = exp|Experience Desired|1|int|0-200000000
 param     = skill|Skill:||select|Cooking, Divination, Farming, Fishing, Hunter, Mining, Prayer, Runecrafting, Smithing, Woodcutting
 param     = tier|Tier:||select|Cracked, Fragile, Normal, Strong, Decorated, Impious, Accursed, Infernal
 param     = enh|Urn Enhancer:|false|check|
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Note: Prayer urns use the Impious, Accursed, and Infernal tiers.

This calculator provides the number of Urns you need by using the formula: