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This is a dynamic calculator that requires Javascript.
This takes user input via Javascript, and may use changing prices from the Grand Exchange Market Watch.
If prices appear to be outdated, purge the page by clicking here.

Note: XP Weekend calculation is currently inaccurate and needs more tweaking.

 template = Calculator:Template/Smithing/Burial armour
 form = Burial_Form
 result = Burial_Result
 param = smithxp|Current: Level or Experience?|Level|select|Level,Experience
 param = smithm|Current (per choice above)|1|int|0-200000000
 param = goalxp|Goal: Level or Experience?|Level|select|Level,Experience
 param = goalm|Goal (per choice above)|99|int|0-200000000
 param = flboost|Following the lesson?|Yes|select|Yes,No
 param = rboost|Reward boost?|None|select|None,Quick Learner,Budding Student,Master Student
 param = boboost|Blacksmith's outfit?|None|select|None,1,2,3,4,All
 param = caboost|Clan Avatar boost?|None|select|None,3%,6%
 param = bxboost|Bonus XP?|No|select|No,Yes
 param = aboost|Aura?|None|select|None,Festive,Enlightenment
 param = fsboost|Falador Shield 4?|No|select|No,Yes
 param = clboost|Clover Necklace?|No|select|No,Two-Leaf,Three-Leaf,Four-Leaf
 param = xwboost|XP Weekend?|No|select|No,Yes
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