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The purpose of this calculator is to determine the best pouches to make if a player has a fixed number of Crimson charms and wishes to maximize net total value, where summoning experience has a fixed value in coins and all items are bought and sold on the Grand Exchange. Note that this situation does not exactly match with practical situations because generally, players have a Summonning experience of level goal rather than a fixed charm budget.

For example, Barker toads are often considered better than Spirit terrorbirds, but if a player has a fixed number of Gold charms and has a constant two-way tradeoff between experience and coins which is less than -1.34, then spirit terrorbirds are always preferable. (Again, most people greatly value reaching a certain level goal, such as level 99, so this situation does not match reality.)

This calculator considers a pouch not worthwhile if there is a second pouch with a lesser-or-equal level requirement and a greater xp-adjusted net value. This is because a player who can make the first pouch could always choose to make the second pouch instead. If instead the second pouch had a greater level requirement, then when a player's Summoning level is in between the two level requirements, they can only choose one of the pouches.

This calculator cannot compare pouches made from different charms. In order to perform such calculations, a player should decide on a fixed coin value for each charm, such as 500 for Gold charms and 14,000 for Blue charms. Then, they can subtract 500 from the xp-adjusted net value of all Gold pouches, subtract 14,000 from the xp-adjusted net value of all Blue pouches, and then compare. Of course, this approach is not perfect. Limitations include the effect of Spirit gems and that monsters generally drop a mix of charms.

Note: pouches which use a nontradeable tertiary ingredient are compared to all pouches which have both a lower level requirement and tradeable tertiary ingredients. For this purpose, nontradeable tertiary ingredients are given a value of 0 to reflect that idea that once a player has these nontradeable tertiaries, they could be considered to cost nothing in the future (with caveats).

All pouches with a nontradeable tertiary ingredient are not used in evaluating any pouches with higher level requirements. This reflects the idea that if a player does not have nontradeable tertiary ingredients, then these tertiaries have ambiguous value. Technically, pouches that use the same nontradeable tertiary ingredient can be compared, but this calculator does not do so.

Yellow rows denote pouches which have nontradeable tertiary ingredients.

Note: Pouches with two tertiary ingredients are hard to compare. If their xp-adjusted net value is less than that of a pouch with a lower requirement, then they are certainly not worthwhile from this perspective. However, if they are higher, then the player must take into account the cost of bring two tertiary ingredients per pouch. This cost is ambiguous, so these pouches are not used in evaluating any pouches with higher level requirements.

Cyan rows denote pouches which have two tertiary ingredients.

Note: Praying mantises use the cheapest flower except white or black, which is determined in real-time. See Flowers.

Note: Spirit mammoths may not be as appealing as they are based on prices alone because they may be hard to trade in large quantities. This, although Steel titans are usually worse by this metric, they are probably worthwhile practically.

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