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The prices are real-time market prices. For further information, or to update outdated prices, see Grand Exchange Market Watch/Summoning.

Summoning pouches calculator aims to compute the profit (or loss) of making Summoning pouches of familiars. The calculator provides a comparison of the profits (or losses) based on the sale of pouches in the Grand Exchange, and the use of the High Level Alchemy spell.


  • All tertiary components are bought in the Grand Exchange.
  • Tertiary components marked with an asterisk (*) are non-tradeable, and are not included in the Total cost calculations.
  • The pouches made are either: sold in the Grand Exchange, or "high-alched".
  • For the last section, it is assumed that a player has a fixed number of charms and a constant two-way tradeoff between Summoning experience and coins. (This does not always match reality because usually, players have a summoning level or experience goal).

Total cost[]

The components that are taken in consideration are as follows:

  • Empty pouch: 1 coin
  • Spirit shards: 25 coins (each) - bought at Summoning shops, or traded with other players.
  • Tertiary component: depending on current market prices (only applicable for tradeable items)


  • The profit (or loss) is calculated by deducting the "Total cost" from:
    • The gains for the sale of the familiar pouch in the Grand Exchange
    • The gains from the High Level Alchemy spell on the pouch.
  • The cost of Nature runes (405 coins) and Fire runes (159 coins) used in the High Level Alchemy spell are not taken into consideration.

Summoning pouches[]

By charm type
By level

Summoning pouches with a constant tradeoff between coins and experience[]

By charm type

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