Calorie bomb detail

The Calorie bomb (empty) is an Invention device in the dwarven technology tree. Discovering this device requires the player to have the blueprint unlocked from the dwarven technology tree, level 60 Invention. Success in creating the blueprints earns 32,284.5 Invention experience.

It can be filled with 5 of a chosen fish to charge it and then thrown to heal players in an area of effect. Fish choices are limited to the following:

Up to 4 other players within 2 squares of the user may be healed with a bomb, receiving health equivalent to the fish the bomb is charged with. The user will receive an extra 20% healing. Only one bomb may be deployed every 2 minutes, and only 1 bomb can heal players every 1 minute. Monsters caught in the blast will also receive healing, 5% of the monster's maximum life points.


Calorie bomb (empty) Calorie bomb (empty)
InventionSmithingMake-X GE icon
770 XP100 XP-
Invention Invention level60
Blueprint (Invention) Research: Calorie bomb (empty)
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Empty potEmpty pot11818
Cover partsCover parts75N/A-
Organic partsOrganic parts25N/A-


  • There is a visual glitch where some heal splashes sometimes don't display when the calorie bomb is deployed. Healing still occurs for up to four other people if they are eligible for it.
  • Calorie bomb used to require 3 direct components and heal monsters for 10% of their health, but the material requirement was removed and the amount healed was reduced to 5% on 5 September 2016.
  • In the real world, a "calorie bomb" is a nickname for any food that contain an inordinate and usually unhealthy amount of calories, such as junk food or fast food.
    • Interestingly, the device's name and appearance (a small container for combusting food in order to release energy) may be a reference to a bomb calorimeter. Food placed in the calorimeter is also ignited, but for the purpose of measuring its heat content.
  • Originally, it required 1325 Inspiration to discover.
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