Not to be confused with Cart Camel.
Camel Cart
Camel Cart
Release date 5 June 2017 (Update)
Race Camel
Members Yes
Quest NPC No
Location(s) Menaphos
Sells items No
Gender Unknown
  • Camelope Potstick has taken a wrong turn out of the main plaza!
  • The Snoozing Giant has spun out, likely giving up the lead to...
  • ...the favorite, His Royal Highness, who is racing ahead, closely followed by...
  • ...the Yellow Streak in third place, who has just entered the Merchant district.
  • First star on the Left is off to a slow start.
  • Oh, dear! Too Many Cans is going the wrong way! How embarrassing.
  • Humps on Fire appears to have stalled at the starting line!

The Camel Carts are various camels with carts attached to them, strewn throughout Menaphos. They can be found on the paths between the Port district and the Merchant district, and have varying designs and cargo.

A camel cart could be found outside the Menaphos gates, alongside the shady lurker during the Aiding the Exile event.