Candle-maker chathead

The Candle-maker can be found south of the bank in Catherby in the market square. He stands in front of the vegetable stall and his candles can be seen on display east of where he stands. He sells candles for three coins each. During Merlin's Crystal, the player must give a bucket of wax to the candle-maker, and he will make a black candle for the player. Although he considers black candles unlucky, he will continue selling them for three coins each.

The Candle-maker is also involved in the Seers' Village Easy Tasks, and is the third to last task on the list. Players are asked to, "Buy a candle from the Candle-maker."

The shop offers to buy four candles at once. Selecting this option will result in the candle-maker selling the player a fork handle instead.


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