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Candlelight was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Candlelight random event npc view

A player completing the random event.

Candlelight, also known as The Pious Pete random event, is a discontinued random event that was originally introduced on 20 February 2006. In it, the player was teleported to a chapel with a strange monk wandering around. The player had to talk to the monk, Pious Pete, and ask him what was wrong. Pious Pete responded that his candles always go out when he lit them, so he needed the player's help to light them. He would then give the player a lighter.

The event

Candlelight event interface

Once the player had the lighter, Pete told the player to light only the candles that are left standing, not the ones that are burnt down (he'd take care of those). There would be a screen with arrows to the left and the right, and a button in the middle. Once pressed, the player would light the candle (if it was an unlit candle). After all the candles were lit, the player would talk to Pious Pete and be teleported back to where they were with a small reward. This event was likely the rarest, as very few players had ever gotten it. It is unknown when it was discontinued, since Jagex removed it with no announcement.


Candlelight nw view

The Candlelight Chapel.

Candlelight Chapel

A particular of the Chapel.

The random event's former location can be seen using the orb of oculus. If you go to the north section of the Blast Furnace minigame and look north, you can see that it is also east of the Gravedigger event. It is also north-west of Eagles' Peak and south-east of Mort Myre Swamp.

There is a cage north-east of the chapel that contains a random familiar each time a player would be near it. This was shown in a glitch that allowed a player to walk out of the Cosmic Altar and end up here.

One theory could be that the cage keeps familiars that are "returned to the spirit plane" as when jumping down in a pool in Oo'glog to contain the familiar and stop its timer just to send it back to the player when they go out of the pool and start its timer again.



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