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Candy corn detail

Candy corn is a currency won from Treasure Hunter. Collecting them allows players to unlock other rewards from the event. Clicking on the item opens the Hallowe'en Reward Shop. In order to obtain all rewards, 4,600 candy corn are needed.

60, 120 and 240 candy corn can be found on Treasure Hunter. 3 appear through skilling and combat every six minutes, and 20 per daily in-game challenges. Ironman players can obtain most of the rewards with the exception of the Starved mask of Amascut and Tormented mask of Icthlarin.

Halloween Reward Shop stock

Halloween Reward Shop
Item Candy Corn
Pumpkincrow icon Pumpkincrow 1000
Count Draynor outfit Count Draynor outfit 750
Bat necklace Bat necklace 750
Broom Staff Broom Staff 300
Cauldron Maul Cauldron Maul 300
Pumpkin launcher Pumpkin launcher 300
Starved mask of Amascut Starved mask of Amascut 600
Tormented mask of Icthlarin Tormented mask of Icthlarin 600
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