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Canifis is a village that lies to the east of Paterdomus, across the River Salve, in Morytania. It is the village of the werewolves and is accessible only to members.

The name of the town most likely stems from the Latin word "Canis," which means "dog." This is evidenced by a somewhat conspicuous dog theme, with the names of some of the shopkeepers including Sbott (difficult to say without saying "Spot"), Barker, Roavar, and Rufus.

Canifis appears to be based on a small Slavic village, with villagers having names like Boris, Yuri, and Svetlana.

Canifis features as one of the maps available in the minigame Heist.


Canifis centre

In the Second Age, the area around what is now Canifis was part of the god Zaros's empire and it was where the Zarosian fortress Kharyrll once stood. The kingdom to the south of it was known as Hallowvale with its capital city ruled by the Icyene.

As part of the Zarosian Extermination, Kharyrll was destroyed during the God Wars, but it is unknown whether Lord Drakan was responsible for this when he invaded Hallowvale with an army of vampyres. Whichever the case, the area would be part of Morytania from that point onward.

In the year 23 of the Fifth Age, a group of werewolves built a village named Canifis at the place where Kharyrll once stood, where they live today. Like all subjects in Morytania, they are forced to pay blood tithes to the vampyres, but the vampyres agree to take captured humans instead.


Approaching the werewolf village

Canifis may be accessed after completing the Priest in Peril quest or defeating the ghoul and passing through the holy barrier in the basement of Paterdomus for the first time. After doing so, players may travel to Canifis through any of the following methods:

Notable features in Canifis


There is a bank in eastern Canifis. A notable feature about the bank is that there is a searchable crate in there, and if searched it can bear the message 'You search the crate but find nothing.' or 'You don't find anything interesting.' and can sometimes spawn a rat, spider, or chicken (the chicken "squawk"s and lays eggs while doing so). It is also known that any NPCs in the bank (excluding bankers) attack you when you search the crate.


Main article: Mazchna

Mazchna is a Slayer master, and is located in north-eastern Canifis. He will give assignments to any player with level 20 combat. His tasks are relatively easy, and are usually close to Canifis.

Clothes shop

Barkers' Haberdashery sells a variety of clothes.

Main article: Barker's Haberdashery

The clothes shop, Barker's Haberdashery, is in the northern part of the city. All items cost 650 coins each, except for the capes, which cost only 20 coins each. Coloured gloves and capes are tradeable to free-to-play players, but all other items are members only.


Sbott the tanner will tan cow hides or dragon hides for you. This is a great place for quick tanning, but because you are a human and he is a werewolf, and getting the supplies is "dangerous", he will charge more coins per cow/dragon hide.


Main article: Taxidermist

The Taxidermist will stuff any monster heads or Big fish for a price. These stuffed items can be then used in a player-owned house. She is located in a house North West of the tavern.


The general store in Canifis sells basic items as well as needles and thread.

The shop is more expensive than most other general stores due to the dangers of getting the items. It sells basic items, but unlike most other general stores, it also sells needles and thread. It is owned by Fidelio.

Raw meat

Players can buy various raw meats.

Main article: Rufus's Meat Emporium

The raw meat shop lies to the north of the bank. It sells various raw meats and raw fish, up to raw sharks, but those can only be supplied by players.


Main article: Hair of the Dog

The Hair of the Dog tavern is owned by bartender Roavar, who will sell players a moonlight mead beer for 5 coins. There are also several quest-related NPCs in residence.

Notable features near Canifis


Attackable characters

The men and women who inhabit Canifis are normally rather rude to any player who speaks to them. However, since they are all secretly werewolves, they are much more polite to any player who is wearing the Ring of Charos.

They are also attackable, though they are much more dangerous than they initially appear. In human form their combat level is only 28, but if attacked they turn into level 63 werewolves. Players can only prevent this transformation by attacking them with a wolfbane dagger which is a reward for the completion of Priest in Peril quest. or a Sunspear (melee) (or its magic or ranged variants) which is a reward from River of Blood.

The attackable inhabitants are:

Nikolai, a werewolf in human guise

Other notable characters

Other non-player characters found in Canifis include:

  • Vanstrom Klause, one of the brutal henchmen of Lord Drakan and member of the Vyrewatch who rule Morytania.
  • Malak, a vampyre lord whom oversees Canifis on behalf of Lord Drakan. He can be found in the bar.
  • Ulizius, who guards the gate into Mort Myre Swamp.


The following music tracks are used in Canifis:


The following quests are started or are involved in Canifis:


  • In the centre of the village, there is a skeleton called Kenny hanging from a set of gallows.