Skillcape emote icon
Release date 18 October 2006 (Update)
Members Yes
Sound Yes
Enhancer No
Duration Varies seconds
Requirements Wearing a Cape of Accomplishment, Distinction, or Elven clan cape once (except milestone capes); the emote icon will show as unlocked thereafter

A cape emote (formerly skillcape) can be performed when the player is wearing a Cape of Accomplishment or Cape of Distinction, with the exception of the milestone capes. The emote is related to the skill of cape the player is wearing. For example, the Defence cape skillcape emote shows a player defending him/herself from different threats.

Skillcapes will raise the level of the skill temporarily to 100, and will give the bonus to the skill, such as with the Strength cape, you can hit higher. You can raise the level by taking off and putting on the cape, or going into the equipment interface and clicking "Boost". The emote's picture is a player with a Ranging cape and Ranging equipment, even though you might not have a Ranging cape.

Each cape of accomplishment and distinction has a different emote. It does not matter if the cape is trimmed or not; the emote is always the same. The only exception to this is the completionist cape, which has a slightly different emote when trimmed. This emote can be performed on free-to-play worlds, as long as an appropriate cape is worn.

As of 28 October 2008, performing the skillcape emote also plays a short sound effect which fits with the actions of the emote. In the case of the Prayer cape emote, one can hear the wings of the Prayer cape flapping, for example. Unlike the emotes, however, the sounds can only be heard by the person performing the emote.

The Dungeoneering cape has 3 different emotes, one with Magic armour, one with Melee armour and one with Range armour.

On 19 March 2010, a player-submitted poll asked the community what their favourite skillcape emote was. The Prayer skillcape emote was chosen by a twenty percent majority (9431 votes out of 46932).[1] However, this was before the release of Dungeoneering and before skillcapes' emotes were changed.

These are the animations produced by operating or using the skillcape emote while wearing a Cape of Accomplishment.

On 25 May 2010, Jagex updated the skillcape emotes to look much smoother by "tweening" them and adding particle effects to them, as well as revamping several with a newer animation.

On 3 May 2011, with the Capes of Distinction update, four new capes with corresponding emotes were added: the veteran, classic, max and completionist cape.

A cape for each clan in Prifddinas was released with the city on 22 September 2014, along with one made by combining all of the individual clan capes. The new capes were the Amlodd, Cadarn, Crwys, Hefin, Iorwerth, Ithell, Meilyr, Trahaearn, and Master clan cape (which can perform all 8 emotes).

List of emotes

Cape Emote Cape seller Performing time
Agility cape Agility Emote Cap'n Izzy No-Beard in Brimhaven 00:03.92

Attack cape

Attack Emote Ajjat, in the Warriors' Guild 00:03.25
Constitution cape Constitution Emote Surgeon General Tafani in the Duel Arena 00:04.31
Construction cape Construction Emote Estate Agent in various cities 00:06.69
Cooking cape Cooking Emote Head Chef in the Cooking Guild 00:14.04
Crafting cape Crafting Emote Master Crafter in the Crafting Guild 00:07.73
Defence cape Defence Emote Harlan (melee instuctor) in Lumbridge


Divination cape Divination Emote Orla Fairweather, west of the Lumbridge Crater, south of the jail 00:06:57
Dungeoneering cape (Melee) Dungeoneering Melee Emote Thok, south of Daemonheim 00:03.74
Dungeoneering cape (Magic) Dungeoneering Magic Emote Thok, south of Daemonheim 00:03.82
Dungeoneering cape (Ranged) Dungeoneering Range Emote Thok, south of Daemonheim 00:04.05
Farming cape Farming Emote Martin the Master Gardener in Draynor Village 00:06.61
Firemaking cape Firemaking Emote Ignatius Vulcan in Seers' Village 00:03.95
Fishing cape Fishing Emote Master fisher in the Fishing Guild 00:06.78
Fletching cape Fletching Emote Hickton in his shop south of Catherby 00:06.20
Herblore cape Herblore Emote Kaqemeex in the Taverley stone circle. 00:08.55
Hunter cape Hunter Emote Hunting expert south of the Feldip Hills 00:06.09
Invention Cape Invention Emote Doc, Invention guild 00:12.00
Magic cape Magic emote Robe Store Owner in the Wizards' Guild 00:02.87
Mining cape Mining Emote Dwarf at ladder entrance of the Mining Guild 00:04.75
Prayer cape Prayer Emote Brother Jered in the Edgeville Monastery 00:05.87
Ranging cape Ranged Emote Armour Salesman in the Ranging Guild 00:04.69
Runecrafting cape Runecrafting Emote

Larriar in Runecrafting Guild

Slayer cape Slayer Emote Kuradal at the entrance of Kuradal's Dungeon 00:02.92
Smithing cape Smithing Emote Thurgo on Thurgo's Peninsula 00:09.00
Strength cape Strength Emote Sloane/Yadech Strongarm (After While Guthix Sleeps) in the Warriors' Guild 00:09.87
Summoning cape Summoning Emote Pikkupstix in Taverley 00:05.19
Thieving cape Thieving Emote Martin Thwait in the Rogues' Den 00:08.28
Woodcutting cape Woodcutting Emote Wilfred north of Falador 00:11.57
Quest point cape Quest point Emote Wise Old Man in Draynor Village 00:07.41
Cape Emote Cape seller Performing time
Dungeoneering master cape Dungeoneering master cape emote Thok, south of Daemonheim 00:06.01
Slayer master cape Slayer master cape emote Kuradal, outside the entrance to Kuradal's Dungeon
Cape Emote Cape seller Performing time
Classic cape Classic cape animation Iffie, knitting at Thessalia's Fine Clothes shop 00:04.00
Veteran cape Veteran cape animation Hans, walking around Lumbridge Castle 00:06.90
Veteran cape (10 year) Veteran cape (10 year) emote Hans, walking around Lumbridge Castle 00:06.90
Cape Emote Cape seller Performing time
Clan Amlodd cape Clan Amlodd cape emote Amlodd herald in the Amlodd district of Prifddinas 00:07.70
Clan Cadarn cape Clan Cadarn cape emote Cadarn herald in the Cadarn district of Prifddinas 00:07.70
Clan Crwys cape Clan Crwys cape emote Crwys herald in the Crwys district of Prifddinas 00:07.70
Clan Hefin cape Clan Hefin cape emote Hefin herald in the Hefin district of Prifddinas 00:07.70
Clan Iorwerth cape Clan Iorwerth cape emote Iorwerth herald in the Iorwerth district of Prifddinas 00:07.70
Clan Ithell cape Clan Ithell cape emote Ithell herald in the Ithell district of Prifddinas 00:07.70
Clan Meilyr cape Clan Meilyr cape emote Meilyr herald in the Meilyr district of Prifddinas 00:07.70
Clan Trahaearn cape Clan Trahaearn cape emote Trahaearn herald in the Trahaearn district of Prifddinas 00:07.70
Cape Emote Cape seller Performing time
Max cape Max cape emote Max, running around eastern Varrock 00:26.00
Completionist cape Completionist cape emote Museum guard, guarding the cape at the Varrock Museum 00:11.25
Trimmed completionist cape Completionist cape (t) emote Museum guard, guarding the cape at the Varrock Museum 00:11.25
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