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Captain Cora is the captain of The Harbinger. She attacks the player's ship during the Harbinger miniquest, where she rediscovers Quartermaster Gully, calling him 'George'. She attacks the ship with the intent to capture the partially zombified Lookout Ekahi.

During Ghosts from the Past, Quartermaster Gully tells the player that her full name is Coraline and that she was married to him, although she did not take in his last name. Both had come from the West, and that her father had moved her and the rest of her family over to Waiko to be a professional trader. George courted her through birdwatching, an activity they both enjoyed.

At some point, her father took her and her family to Tuai Leit for a two-week trip, but the first day they were there the island was assaulted by The Skulls pirates, looking for people to sell into slavery. Her parents were killed in the attack, and Cora was captured and sold as a slave. George joined a rescue party but was severely injured by pirates attempting to find her, at which point he gave up and stayed in Port Sarim.

Gully states he noticed a tattoo on her arm that signifies she bought her freedom from slavery and for some reason works for the khan of Goshima. During Final Destination, Coraline tells the player her relation with Goshima. The khan of Goshima adopted her as a mother, and became Cora's only family. When she passed, Cora was unable to let go of her, and turned her into a jiangshi using her necromancy powers. She effectively became her khan's right hand and lieutenant, and commanded The Harbinger in order to capture people to bring to her khan so the jiangshi could suck their souls out to empower itself. During the miniquest, the player helps her understand how the jiangshi has become uncontrollable and is doing more harm than good, and convinces her to unbind the khan's spirit so she may pass on. Cora is found by Goshima's docks next to Quartermaster Gully after the miniquest is complete.


  • As of 13 March 2017, she no longer gives any combat experience when defeated.
  • The crow mentioned in Captain Cora's examine is a reference to the singer Sheryl Crow.
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