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Captain Deathbeard chathead
Captain Deathbeard (alive) chathead

Captain Deathbeard is an undead pirate who was involved in the time-limited event, Deathbeard's Demise. He also occasionally visits the Deep Sea Fishing hub as a random event.

Deathbeard's Demise

During Deathbeard's Demise, Captain Deathbeard could be found south of Father Urhney's home in the Lumbridge Swamp. He asks players to collect phantom doubloons for him so he can repair his ship, locate his missing undead crew and fight whatever attacked them to begin with.

His appearance randomly changes between undead and fleshed.

Deep Sea Fishing

Captain Deathbeard may also appear as a side event while participating in Deep Sea Fishing. He may show up in a rowboat near the sailfish fishing spots and ask for directions. Players can click on him to give him directions, and after about two minutes he will row away. Players that gave him directions will be awarded 1,940 Fishing experience.



  • Captain Deathbeard's appearance and ability to switch between undead and human form is strongly reminiscent of the undead pirate captain LeChuck from the Monkey Island series of adventure games. LeChuck himself was based on historical pirate Edward Thatch, with notable similarities in their braided beards and high cheekbones.