Captain Rabid Jack chathead
Rabid Jack chathead
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Captain Rabid Jack is the single most feared pirate of the Eastern Sea, famous for his attacks on Mos Le'Harmless. He is usually dressed in red (as in the Rocking Out quest cutscene). He seems to be in command of a number of ships within the Eastern Sea.

Rabid Jack has been mentioned by numerous characters. He leads several undead pirates, such as Mi-Gor and Captain Donnie, who have respectively laid siege to Harmony Island and Braindeath Island, as well as Mechanical Murphy, Giles, and Zogoth. He is attempting to summon Xau-Tak, an ancient god.

With the zombies, however, this proves hard to achieve. Therefore, he tries to make the zombie brains "un-rot", by swapping them with human brains. This attempt at brain-swapping was not successful, as depicted in The Great Brain Robbery quest.


Rabid Jack was once a pirate captain of The Scourge, a vessel and one of the primary defenders of piracy in the Eastern Sea. He commonly docked at Mos Le'Harmless, a pirate hub. Though his brutal methods were a cause for concern to some of the pirates, they reluctantly allowed him to remain, as he contributed greatly in fending off the port's many enemies.

Jack, however, wanted more influence in the Eastern Sea, and launched a massive attack on Mos Le'Harmless. Using his ship, The Scourge, he was able to cause significant damage, but was ultimately repelled and defeated. As he retreated to the south, he renamed his ship This Albatross, saying that it would be a curse upon pirates forever. He made his camp on the Cursed Archipelago, a group of islands filled with "wicked magic and evil spirits." For unknown reasons, these forces seem to have tolerated Jack's presence, despite their hostile history towards visitors. The rest of the pirate nation was hesitant to pursue him because of the archipelago's history.

The Battle of Rabid Jack

The fight on "This Albatross".

Because of Jack's attacks on various commercial and military ships, the Customs and Excise Office began a campaign to crack down on piracy. The pirates of the eastern sea suffered so severely from this that they deemed it necessary to defeat Jack. He was eventually tracked to the Archipelago, where a fleet led by Captain Braindeath, Bill Teach, Brass Hand Harry, Cap'n Izzy No-Beard, and One-Eyed Hector engaged his forces in the Battle of the Archipelago.

Rabid Jack cannonball

Ralph's cannonball almost kills Jack. The feet to the right are that of Bosun Giles, who was killed by the ball.

They managed to catch the "This Albatross" at anchor and boarded it. All of Jack's people were killed, excluding Bosum Giles, before he was forced to fight. However, he killed Liżzie, the first person who attacked him, in a few hits. After that, Young Ralph shot a cannonball from Harry's ship, killing Giles and seriously wounding Jack.

It seems that Giles's death had upset Rabid Jack. He knew he had lost everyone, and it was no longer possible to defend his ship. He tried to wound Cap'n Izzy, grabbed the chest from the deck, and prepared to jump out, saying that the sea knows him, and he's given lives aplenty to her, it would not claim him then, - or ever. He cursed all of the pirates on deck with vengeance, and jumped. 

This was the last time he was seen alive. All the pirates who took part in bringing him down took an oath that nobody would spill any facts about this event. The oath was not broken for a long time, until the zombies attacked Braindeath Island. It was discovered that it was Rabid Jack who had sent them. Captain Braindeath knew that Rabid Jack was about to return, or had returned, and this clearly shocked him. During The Great Brain Robbery, it is revealed that Mi-Gor is collecting zombies and transplanting human brains into their bodies to make them intelligent as new crew for Jack. These plans are thwarted during the quest, although vengeance is planned.

More information about this event is revealed during the ending of the Rocking Out quest, when the oath is broken by Young Ralph, after the agreement of all five captains.

During Pieces of Hate, the player, Cap'n Izzy No-Beard, Brass Hand Harry, and Bill Teach discover Rabid Jack's base of operations from the Zombie pirate head. Once their ship arrives, however, Rabid Jack appears and captures Madame Shih; he then summons Zogoth, a massive, undead Crassian, to destroy the ship and kill the player and the pirate captains. The player kills Zogoth and rescues the captains, who escape to Mos Le'Harmless.

After this, Rabid Jack once again attacks Mos Le'Harmless with an army of zombie pirates and barrelchests, which the player fights off. However, the attack was merely a diversion so Rabid Jack and Mi-Gor could take control of the Distillery on Braindeath Island where they plan to deliver the 'rum' mixed with the mysterious black stone to the rest of Gielinor, enslaving its population. The player and Baron von Hattenkrapper manage to release the 'Rum'-pumped crabs from the 'Rum'-geon, which overrun Jack's forces and decapitate Mi-Gor, who inadvertently reveals Jack's location in the Cursed Archipelago when questioned.

The player sails to the Archipegalo, but This Albatross attacks and sinks the player's ship. The player finds a diving suit and jumps into the ocean, finding Jack attempting to convert Madame Shih to his side in an ancient, submerged, Dragonkin temple.

The player then fights Rabid Jack, who is aided by a massive, obsidian hand that appears through the portal in the floor or the room. The player manages to loosen the chains connected to the portal throughout the fight, slowly sealing it away. After being defeated, Rabid Jack grabs onto a chain connected to a giant plug that descends into the portal, sealing it off for good.

The player, Madame Shih, and the pirate captains are well aware that Rabid Jack will inevitably appear again, but celebrate their victory for now.


  • An update on 26 October 2009 improved Rabid Jack's animations.
  • A Live stream session in November 2012 hinted a connection of Rabid Jack to the Underwater City.
  • His examine texts, "That which does not sleep, shall in eternal lie." and "And with strange aeons even death may die." are lines from the Necronomicon, which appears in stories written by H.P. Lovecraft, the author of the Cthulhu Mythos that Xau-Tak, Rabid Jack's master, is largely inspired from.
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