Careful, There Are Snakes is an achievement that requires the player to loot 20 urns inside of Pyramid Plunder in a row without disturbing a single snake.

Bringing a snake charm and using it to check/charm the urns before searching is highly recommended, as it reduces the chance that a snake will bite considerably.

The Trahaearn exoskeleton set awarded at the end of Plague's End provides a 25% chance to avoid being bitten when looting urns.

Urns revealed by the sceptre of the gods will not add to the urn count, but if players are bitten by a snake from these urns, their progress will be reset.


  • The achievement's listed requirement in-game is a Thieving level of 21, however the player needs at least a Thieving level of 31 to complete the achievement as there are fewer than 20 urns per room.