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Carn is a beast-charmer and leader of a bandit clan who inhabited Gielinor at an undisclosed point in the Fifth Age. He is only encountered in the Three's Company Saga as told by Skaldrun, a storyteller outside Daemonheim. Carn is the main antagonist of the Saga, with Sir Owen, Ozan and Ariane being the three protagonists. He is level 56 and does not have a specific weakness.

Carn is shown to have an affinity with creatures and monsters, and uses a form of hypnosis to tame a Gluttonous behemoth for his own ends. He launched an attack on Taverley and kidnapped Pikkupstix in order to learn the secrets of Summoning.


  • When engaged during the saga, selecting Ozan to talk with him causes Ozan to scream "CAAARNN!!" which is a reference to a popular yell "KHAAAANNNN!!!" from Star Trek.
  • Carn may be a reference to a somewhat-prominent rogue character of the same name from the game Dungeons & Dragons.
Saga beastmaster

Concept art of Carn.

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