Castlewars chinchompa detail

The Castlewars chinchompa is a reward from Castle Wars. You can get three chinchompas at a cost of 1 Silver Castle wars ticket. They can only be used within a castle wars game. The chinchompa is a weapon that will cause a similar amount of damage to regular chinchompas. However, the method by which they cause damage is different.

They can be deployed in one of two modes:

  • Proximity mode - the chinchompa will explode if players on the opposite team get within a certain distance. The damage affects any player within the area and will not give experience for the damage caused.
  • Timer mode - the chinchompa will run forward for a few seconds, exploding when the timer expires.

You can only hold up to 3 chinchompas on you and only 10 chinchompas in total can be deployed at any one time. They may only be used outside of the fortress walls on the ground floor of the Castle Wars arena.

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