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Catalytic rune detail

Catalytic runes are generic non-elemental runes. Each rune can act as one of the non-elemental runes (mind, body, chaos, death, blood, nature, cosmic, law, soul, astral and Armadyl). They are only currently used in the Fist of Guthix, Barbarian Assault, Dominion Tower, and the Stealing Creation minigames.

In Fist of Guthix

At the beginning of every Fist of Guthix game, each player receives 300 catalytic runes along with 1,000 elemental runes. They can only be used to cast combat spells within the minigame. While in Fist of Guthix, if you put a catalytic rune in the price checker, it says that each catalytic rune is worth 2 coins, even though you can never bring those runes out of Fist of Guthix to sell.

In Stealing Creation

In Stealing Creation the player collects clay and brings it to the creation kiln to create catalytic runes.

Class of clay Amount made Level to make
Class 1 15 Level 1 Runecrafting
Class 2 30 Level 20 Runecrafting
Class 3 45 Level 40 Runecrafting
Class 4 60 Level 60 Runecrafting
Class 5 75 Level 80 Runecrafting

In Barbarian Assault

In Barbarian Assault attackers can retrieve these runes from the Attacker dispenser stand.

In the Dominion Tower

The catalytic runes spawn on the ground when spells are necessary to kill a boss, such as Chronozon.

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