Dragon chain set leg equipped

A chainbody is a type of melee body armour. Chainbodies tend to provide a lower armour rating than platebodies of the same metal. Some of the few advantages of a chainbody over a platebody are lower weight, lower cost to purchase or smith, and in the case of Rune, the user does not need to complete a quest to wear it. As they are made of metal, chainbodies conducts Magic attacks very well, making it weak against magical opponents, though they do provide a good range defence. Chainbodies are mostly less popular than platebodies.

All chainbodies except for the black chainbody, white chainbody, corrupt dragon chainbody, dragon chainbody, corrupt vesta's chainbody, and Vesta's chainbody can be made using the Smithing skill.

This piece of armour will interfere with Ava's accumulator and Ava's attractor. The dragon chainbody, white chainbody, and both Vesta chainbodies are available only to members.

Chainbodies can be sold at Wayne's Chains, a chainbody specialist shop in Falador, however the Grand Exchange has much better offer prices.


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