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Challenge Mistress Fara chathead

Challenge Mistress Fara is a teenage gnome who is situated in Burthorpe. She will give out rewards for daily challenges, and allow players to block challenges for skills they have mastered. She took over these duties from the Imperial Guard Quartermaster.

She will also give back the baby troll pet if the player has dismissed it.

During the RuneScape Road Trip, she gave players the RuneScape Road Trip journal and also provided the lamps for completing tasks from the journals, along with rewarding players with the cosmetic hiker outfit for completing set amounts of tasks.

She is located next to the Gnome Bank, opposite of Balthazar.

It's possible to be directed to talk to her as part of Treasure Trails.

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  • Despite being a teenager, she seems slightly taller than most gnomes.
  • She will make some jokes when the player uses the talk option, one joke is "How's the weather up there?", a common joke used when talking to people taller than one's self.
  • The text on the list Fara is always checking is the Pseudo-Latin "Lorem Ipsum" text.
Challenge Mistress Fara concept art

Concept art of Fara.

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