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Completing a daily challenge in Prayer will give Prayer experience, depending on the player's Prayer level, as well as a challenge mystery bag.

1Bury 12 bones67?
2Bury 12 bones67?
5Bury 12 bones97?
18Bury 15 big bones1045Yes
20Bury 15 big bones1613Yes
29Bury 15 big bones592No
30Bury 15 big bones592No
32Bury 15 big bones592No
33Bury 15 big bones592No
34Bury 15 big bones592No
35Bury 15 big bones1185No
36Bury 15 big bones1185No
37Bury 15 big bones1185No
38Bury 15 big bones1185No
40Bury 10 dragon bones1185No
41Bury 15 big bones1185 No
43Bury 15 big bones1777 No
44Bury 15 big bones1777 No
45Bury 15 big bones1777 No
46Bury 15 big bones1777 No
46Scatter 15 accursed ashes2376?
47Bury 15 big bones1777 No
48Bury 15 big bones1777 No
48Bury 10 dragon bones2376Yes
49Bury 15 big bones2370 No
50Bury 15 big bones2370 No
51Bury 5 fayrg bones3168Yes
52Bury 15 big bones2370No
52Scatter 15 accursed ashes3168?
53Scatter 15 accursed ashes3168?
53Bury 15 big bones2370No
54Scatter 15 accursed ashes3168?
54Bury 15 big bones2370No
56Bury 15 big bones2970No
56Bury 5 fayrg bones3960Yes
57Scatter 15 accursed ashes2970No
57Bury 15 big bones2970No
57Bury 5 fayrg Bones3960Yes
59Scatter 15 accursed ashes2970No
62Bury 15 big bones3562No
63Bury 15 big bones3562No
63Scatter 15 accursed ashes4752Yes
64Complete Nemi forest blessing4752Yes
65Bury 15 big bones4155No
68Bury 10 dagannoth bones11088Yes
68Bury 5 dagannoth bones5544Yes
68Scatter 15 accursed ashes4155No
69Bury 15 big bones4155No
69Complete Nemi forest blessing5544Yes
70Bury 5 ourg bones7604Yes
72Bury 5 airut bones7603Yes
73Complete Nemi forest blessing7603Yes
73Bury 5 airut bones7603Yes
74Bury 5 ourg bones7603Yes
75Bury 15 big bones6412No
75Scatter 5 infernal ashes7128Yes
75Scatter 15 accursed ashes5340No
75Bury 15 big bones8553?
76Scatter 5 infernal ashes7128Yes
76Bury 5 ourg bones7128Yes
76Bury 15 big bones5340No?
76Bury 5 airut bones7128Yes
77Bury 15 big bones5340No?
79Bury 12 bones7920?
81Bury 5 frost dragon bones7920Yes
81Cleanse 5 Corrupted Seren Stone7920Yes
81Scatter 15 accursed ashes5940No
82Scatter 5 infernal ashes8712Yes
83Bury 15 big bones6533 No
84Bury 15 big bones6533 No
85Cleanse 5 corrupted Seren stones8712Yes
85Bury 5 frost dragon bones9504Yes
85Complete Nemi Forest Blessing9504Yes
86Bury 15 big bones7125 No
86Complete Nemi Forest Blessing9504Yes
87Bury 15 big bones7125 No
88Bury 15 big bones7125 No
89Bury 15 big bones7717 No
90Bury 15 big bones7717 No
90Bury 5 frost dragon bones10296Yes
91Complete Nemi Forest Blessing10296Yes
92Complete Nemi Forest Blessing11088Yes
92Bury 15 big bones8310 No
92Scatter 5 searing ashes11088Yes
93Bury 15 big bones8310 No
93Scatter 5 searing ashes11088Yes
95Bury 15 big bones8910 No
95Bury 5 ourg bones11880Yes
95Scatter 5 infernal ashes11880Yes
96Scatter 5 searing ashes11880Yes
96Scatter 15 accursed ashes8910No
97Bury 15 big bones8910No
97Scatter 15 accursed ashes8910No
98Bury 5 airut bones12672Yes
99Scatter 5 searing ashes12672Yes