Changing of the Guard is an achievement that requires the player to defeat the King Black Dragon while wearing six different pieces of black dragonhide equipment.

The items that can be used for this achievement are:

Black spiky vambraces cannot be used for this achievement, despite being made of black dragonhide.

The achievement doesn't require the player to wear the black dragonhide equipment for the entire fight. The player can wear better equipment for the majority of the fight, then switch to the black dragonhide equipment right before the King Black Dragon dies.


  • The achievement's name refers to the "changing of the guard" ceremony that takes place outside of Buckingham Palace in London, England, where the Queen's Guard changes shifts.
  • Although black dragonhide equipment is members only, this achievement was marked available to free players even when locked achievements are hidden. This was fixed on 8 January 2018.
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