In the Postbag from the Hedge from 31 January 2008, an image of a Chaos rune with a word search in it is shown. There is also a list of people that don't exist.

List of People

These are anagrams for future summoning familiars:

  • Kitty Traips - Spirit Kyatt
  • Greg Oftener - Forge Regent
  • Roger Vavida - Void Ravager
  • Gilian Bedooms - Obsidian Golem
  • Rob A. - Boar
  • Iris Tiarapulp - Spirit Larupia
  • Patti Mawns - Swamp Titan
  • Tori Fishved - Void Shifter
  • Stan Oblate - Talon Beast
  • Dr. O Reply - Pyre Lord

Chaos rune word search

Chaos rune puzzle

The words are cut off near the end, or they are just random groups of words. They may also be backwards, vertical, and diagonal. Some parts of them have been found:

  • Obsidi
  • Sangwin
  • A slug to the head - Hint towards Hunt for the Red Raktuber
  • My wreck for a (myreque 4)
  • Talon Beast
  • Tease
  • Spirit Kyatt
  • Spirit Larupia
  • Void Ravager
  • Sir Vant (referring to the knight in Lumbridge who greets new players)
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