A note from the Chaos Elemental was given by Mod Osborne at the end of the first "Above the Lore" episode[1]


The wife of the prancing pony plays golf, drinks whiskey, and sits below the delta.

Speculated Translation

  • "Golf" "Whiskey" and "Delta" are part of the NATO phonetic alphabet for the letters "GWD", which is an abbreviation for God Wars Dungeon. Which would mean "The wife of the prancing pony plays god, drinks wars, and sits below the dungeon."
  • The "prancing pony" could refer to Bree, a Centaur bodyguard of Commander Zilyana, as there is an inn named The Prancing Pony located in the town of Bree in Lord of the Rings.

True Translation

Bree's mate, Fern, is found below the God Wars Dungeon, in a Saradominist crypt. This was revealed in the quest The Death of Chivalry.


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