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The chaotic spear is a reward from the Dungeoneering skill. It is a two-handed stab weapon. It requires level 80 Attack and 80 Dungeoneering to wield, and requires 10 chaotic spikes and a Zamorakian spear or Lucky Zamorakian spear to assemble. In order to buy the spikes, 200,000 Dungeoneering tokens are needed.

As a direct upgrade of Zamorakian spear, this spear is currently the third most effective weapon (behind the mizuyari and the superior Vesta's spear) against the Corporeal Beast.

Combat Stats
RequirementsDegradesChaotic spear equipped.png
80 Attack, 80 Dungeoneering30,000 charges
Attack.png Melee2h slot.png
Average (3.6s)
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses

Degradation and repair

The chaotic spear has 30,000 charges of combat (a minimum time of 5 hours). Once the charges run out, it will break and become unusable until repaired by the rewards trader at Daemonheim. When first purchased, it will have a 100% charge. Repairs are made incrementally in 1% portions, and the cost of recharging can be paid in two ways: coins, or a combination of coins and Dungeoneering tokens.

Charge Cost Combination cost
99% 20,000 2,000 and Dungeoneering token.png 200
90% 200,000 20,000 and Dungeoneering token.png 2,000
0% 2,000,000 200,000 and Dungeoneering token.png 20,000

All repair costs are reduced by 5% if Daemonheim aura 3 has been earned.


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