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The Charge spell was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Charge icon
Release date 22 September 2003 (Update)
Members Yes
Level 80
Spellbook Normal
Type Combat
Experience 180
Runes 3 Fires
3 Bloods
3 Airs
Charge spell

Charge was a members spell that temporarily (for 7 minutes) increased the maximum damage of the three 'Arena spells' (Flames of Zamorak, Claws of Guthix, and Saradomin Strike) by 100. Charge could have been cast at any time, but the user must have been wielding a god staff (or Void knight mace for Claws of Guthix) to cast a god spell. The spell could have been cast every minute (i.e. 60 seconds after the previous cast).

A god staff had to be obtained from the Chamber guardian before this spell could be cast.

When activated, the message "You feel charged with magic power" appeared in the chat box. When the spell expired, the message "Your magical charge fades away" appeared. This spell could not be recast whilst the charge was in effect. A god cape had to be worn for Charge's effect to work.

It was possible to gain an extra 10,800 experience per hour while also casting other spells.

Charge cost 2781 coins per cast.


  • The Charge spell was once the fastest way to train the Magic skill. Players simply had to click on the spell as fast as they could and watch their experience increase at an extremely fast rate. This was later changed and players later had to wait a few minutes before they could use the spell again.
  • Even before the introduction of the extreme magic potion, the Wise Old Man had been known to hit 400s with the Saradomin Strike spell in spite of the fact that players could only hit a maximum of 300 with the Charge spell.
  • Before icons of the spells in the normal spellbook had their appearance updated, it could be noted that the white symbol in the charge spell symbol was the same shape and colour of the Iban Blast spell symbol.
  • It was possible to cast the Charge spell in the minigame Stealing Creation, although players were not able to cast a god spell or wear a god cape.
  • Despite being removed from the game, for a while after the Evolution of Combat the spell was still listed in the magic level up guide.
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