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Charge Fire Orb
Charge Fire Orb icon.png
Release date 18 March 2002 (Update)
Members Yes
Level 63
Spellbook Normal
Type Enchantment
Experience 73
Runes 30 Fires
3 Cosmics
Charge Fire Orb.gif
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Charge Fire Orb is a Standard spell. It may only be cast on the Obelisk of Fire, located deep within Taverley Dungeon, and is used to turn unpowered orbs into fire orbs. A fire orb can be used on a battlestaff to create a fire battlestaff. A charge-all option is available, and each orb charged will consume one set of runes. Because the spell requires 30 fire runes per cast, it is strongly recommended to use a staff of fire or equivalent when casting it.

The Obelisk of Fire may be most easily reached by players with 80 Agility (boostable), who can take the second of Taverley Dungeon's two Agility shortcuts. Otherwise, players will need 70 Agility (boostable) for the first shortcut, or a dusty key, to access the Obelisk. Players without the Agility requirements will have to run through the entire dungeon to reach the Obelisk, which takes a long time. The Obelisk is located west of the dungeon's black dragons, which are not aggressive.

Assuming all materials are bought on the Grand Exchange and a staff of fire is used, casting Charge Fire Orb currently yields a profit of 3,272 coins, or 45 coins per Magic experience gained.


3Cosmic rune.png30Fire rune.png1Unpowered orb.png6,730
Combo runes
3Cosmic rune.png1Unpowered orb.png30Lava rune.png30,940
3Cosmic rune.png1Unpowered orb.png30Smoke rune.png32,290
3Cosmic rune.png1Unpowered orb.png30Steam rune.png31,930
3Cosmic rune.png1Unpowered orb.pngStaff of fire.png1,960
3Cosmic rune.png1Unpowered orb.pngSteam battlestaff.png1,960
3Cosmic rune.png1Unpowered orb.pngElemental battlestaff.png1,960
3Cosmic rune.png1Unpowered orb.pngMystical staff (75).png1,960
3Cosmic rune.png1Unpowered orb.pngLava battlestaff.png1,960
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