For those fought in Call of the Ancestors, see Charger (Call of the Ancestors).
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Chargers are monsters encountered during the fight with Beastmaster Durzag. They appear in both phases of the fight, the pre-phase and the fight itself. As their name suggests, they have the ability to barge straight to their opponent. Upon being attacked by a player/attacking a player, they will immediately barge at them, dealing stacked damage upon doing so. They will deal increased damage over time at their target if not killed quickly.

Some non-combative chargers may also be found at the Airut camp on Mazcab.

Several also feature in the Call of the Ancestors quest, where the goebie trio has to defend the ancient goebie from them, Tuz, and several airut.


  • Chargers share a very similar model to an adult Dragon Wolf, but with a re-skinned appearance.
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