Chargurr chathead

Chargurr is the ogress cook in the spa town of Oo'glog. She sells various meats after the player completes As a First Resort.

At one time, her shop sold all the necessary raw meats needed to make wild pies; however, Chargurr no longer sells raw chompy.

Fresh Meat

Main article: Fresh Meat

Chargurr buys and sells a variety of raw and cooked meats, including raw bird meat, a tertiary ingredient in infusing spirit terrorbird pouches. Daily, she offers ten raw bird meat and six Raw bird meat packs, which contain 50 noted raw bird meat each.

The amount of items she offers in her Fresh Meat shop is based on the player, as all shops are personalised. By buying raw bird meat and raw rabbit, you can make 60,000 to 80,000 coins in about two minutes, if you sell it on the Grand Exchange.


  • Like the other ogresses in Oo'glog, Chargurr has an amazingly hard time with numbers.
  • Chargurr is a possible play on chargrill. This makes sense since she is a chef. This is in keeping with the cooking-related names of other non-attackable chef NPCs: Keepa Kettilon from The Fremennik Isles and Burntmeat in the Troll Stronghold.
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