Has a 1% chance per rank of putting an extra item by other nearby players after successfully gathering a resource.
Release date 14 March 2016 (Update)
Gizmo type Tool
Maximum rank 3

Charitable is an Invention perk that gives an extra item to a random nearby player. It triggers when you successfully collect a resource, with a 1% per rank chance. It can be created in tool gizmos. The item given will be the same as the one you obtained, and gives the message:

"<Player>'s charitable perk caused an item to appear at your feet: <Item>." When giving items to other players, it gives the message "Your charitable perk caused an item to appear at <player>'s feet."

Item chance
Rank Chance
1 1%
2 2%
3 3%


MaterialRarityPerk ranks with X materials
Armadyl components
Armadyl componentsRare11–21–22–32–3
Direct components
Direct componentsUncommon11–21–21–31–3
Base parts
Base partsCommon011–21–21–2
Delicate parts
Delicate partsCommon011–21–21–2
Pious components
Pious componentsUncommon11–21–21–31–3
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