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A Mature Chef's delight is a beer brewed by players. It will increase the player's cooking level by 5% of the player's cooking level +2, rounded down, giving 2-6 temporary cooking levels when drunk. Additionally, it will temporarily lower one's attack and strength levels by a few points. It also heals you for 570 life points per dose, or 2280 for a full keg. It is the stronger version of the standard Chef's delight, which only boosts Cooking level by 5% +1 and only heals 200 life points.

The full recipe for standard Chef's delight is as follows (in the order given):

  1. 2 buckets of water
  2. 2 barley malt.
  3. (optional) 1 "the stuff," to increase chance of maturity.
  4. 4 chocolate dust
  5. 1 Ale Yeast
  6. Wait two to five days
  7. Collect the completed ale using eight Beer Glasses or two Calquat Kegs*.

*Calquat kegs are recommended for harvesting this ale for full profit. This creates a Chef's delight (m) (keg).


  • A player may use this in the King Awowogei subquest of Recipe for Disaster to boost their Cooking level to the required level of 70. The minimum level remains at 65 Cooking.
  • It may also be used on any achievement diaries to complete a task which required a higher cooking level than you currently have.
  • Useful for effigies


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  • Up until 2 February 2010, the prices of the Chef's Delight (m3) and the Chef's Delight (m4) were not linked through dosages like regular potions. This was also the case for all ales in barrels.
  • After the Ancient Effigies update, the Grand Exchange price of Chef's delight (m) and similar items started to rise because of the new demand in players who needed a few extra levels in order to investigate an Effigy further.
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