Chief Zookeeper chathead

The Chief Zookeeper is the head of the Ardougne Zoo. He plays a small role in the quest Hunt for Red Raktuber.

Hunt for Red Raktuber

When Larry claims that he sees a giant penguin footprint in Witchaven, the Chief refuses to believe him, and puts Larry into a straight-jacket. Larry enlists the help of an adventurer to help him clear his name and prove his sanity.

As the Chief sees Larry convincing others with his story, the Chief threatens to arrest Larry. At this point, the adventurer travels to Witchaven to confirm the existence of the giant footprint. When the adventurer sees the footprint, both Larry and the Chief Zookeeper are taken to Witchaven. After seeing the footprint with his own eyes, the Chief believes Larry's story, and subsequently releases Larry from his straitjacket.

After the quest, the Chief is no longer seen within the Ardougne Zoo.

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