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A chimp ice is an item used during the quest Do No Evil. It is initially bought from Rokuh in Nardah for 1,000 coins and a Monkeyspeak amulet mould after being instructed to deliver one to King Awowogei. According to Rokuh due to its peculiar shape, the chimp ice cannot contain the freezing-inducing magic normally applied to regular choc-ice and will thus melt away within a few seconds and turn into chocolatey goop. To prevent this from happening the player must freeze the item using the left-click option and cast any of the Ice spells from the Ancient Magicks spellbook on the chimp ice. The Ice Rush spell is not strong enough and does not refreeze the ice, but the higher level spells work, each giving a longer time-span between freezing and melting.

After the quest, chimp ice is sold by the chimp ice chimp in the centre of the monkey colony in the Kharidian Desert for 100 coins. Only one can be bought at a time and it serves no purpose other than to be delivered to King Awowogei, through the same process, for further rewards.

The use of a chimp ice enhancer will double the length of the chimp ice being frozen by an ice spell.

Delivering 25 chimp ices is a requirement for master quest cape and trimming the completionist cape.

Activity tips and information

This activity is a repeatable continuation of bringing King Awowogei chimp ice through the same process as in the Do No Evil quest for further rewards. There are many similarities, but some differences too.

The use of any magic-based transportation results in the Chimp ice melting instantly. Allowed relevant methods of transportation include:

Gnome gliders cannot be used, as a cloud of "volcanic ash" will be over Karamja during the activity.

In order to freeze the treat, left-click on the chimp ice then select an ice spell and use it on the treat. The Wicked pouch cannot be used instead of runes.

Freezing the chimp ice resets the duration according to the type of spell cast; it does not add excess time. Ice Barrage (94) will reset the timer of the chimp ice from melting to approximately 1 minute, Ice Burst (70) will reset the ice to about 45 seconds. Ice Blitz (82) will keep it frozen for about 35 seconds, and Ice Rush (58) will reset the chimp ice to a default of 25 seconds.

Be aware every 5th Chimp Ice bought from the Chimp Ice Chimp lasts only half the time. Preceded with the message "I'd eat that one extra quick. I left that one out in the sun." upon purchase.

You will be warned with a red message in your chatbox (similar to the messages warning you about dragonfire protection) of the status of your chimp ice.

  • 20 seconds before melting, you will receive the message, "Your chimp ice is beginning to melt."
  • 10 seconds before melting, you will receive the message, "Your chimp ice has nearly melted."
  • When your chimp ice melts, you will receive the message, "Your chimp ice has melted."

It is useful to note that the chimp ice will not melt when using a bank, the world map, transportation such as carpets and eagles, and when talking to NPCs. Also a dripping sound will play every few seconds if it's melting.


Below are the recommended tactics for both normal and fast melting chimp ices. Keep in mind that, unlike the quest, there is no checkpoint at Lumdo, if the chimp ice melts, on Ape Atoll, and every 5th delivery of chimp ice will melt twice as fast, making the trip considerably harder.

Items to bring

Fastest chimp ice method

  1. Buy chimp ice at monkey colony, quickly use magic carpet to Shantay Pass (chat option 1) and freeze chimp ice on arrival.
  2. Arrive at Shantay Pass, continue North West then West out of Al Kharid to the Fremennik boat to Daemonheim.
  3. Use the boat from Daemonheim to Taverley (chat option 2).
  4. Freeze the chimp ice, go to the hot air balloon to the East, and take it to the Grand Tree.
  5. Arrive at the Grand Tree which is just to the North, take the ladder up one floor and run East to Daero, freeze the chimp ice before talking to him to travel (chat option 1).
  6. Arrive at the super secret glider hangar, take the glider with Waydar to Crash Island (chat option 1), then Lumdo to Ape Atoll (chat option 1).
  7. Arrive at Ape Atoll, freeze the chimp ice, run North West to the mahogany tree displayed on the minimap with a rare tree icon.
  8. Arrive at the mahogany tree remaining on the South side of it, freeze the chimp ice and then proceed to the gates with greegree on.
  9. Once through the gate, head East and follow the Southern outskirts of the city, do not cross the river. Once through the gate head slightly South remaining in the long grass, remove the greegree and freeze the chimp ice.
  10. Continue East to the small Summoning obelisk, unequip the greegree and freeze the chimp ice next to it. Continue East to king Awowogei in the small building just South of the temple. Talk to the Elder Guard gorilla at the entrance to gain access to the building (hold space to quickly pass through the chat).

Getting back to the colony


With each successful delivery you are rewarded with one of the following:

On some trips, players receive a cosmetic reward instead of one from the list above. These rewards are based on how many completed trips the player has made to King Awowogei.

  • 5 Deliveries: First monkey statue
  • 10 Deliveries: Second monkey statue
  • 15 Deliveries: Third monkey statue
  • 25 Deliveries: Monkey knife fighters (cannot be stolen from)

Players can speak to King Awowogei to learn how many chimp ices have been brought to him. The information is also available through Quick Chat. The chimp ice brought during the quest is not included and does not count for these rewards.

There are no special rewards beyond 25 deliveries.



  • Attempting to put the chimp ice in an Ice cooler will result in the following message: "Nice try, but the cooler isn't cold enough to keep the chimp ice frozen."