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Chitin scraps are used to repair drygore weaponry, and may be obtained by using a damaged chitin on an anvil, awarding 10 Smithing experience per damaged chitin. Each damaged chitin gives 21-40 chitin scraps depending on the player's Smithing level. More than 40 scraps can be obtained if your Smithing level is boosted higher (not a virtual level) than 99 with pulse cores (and maybe other boosting methods). For example at lvl 105 you get additional 3 scraps for 43 total. Damaged chitin is obtained as a 100% drop from all exiled kalphites except exiled kalphite workers.

100 scraps repair 1% of a mainhand weapon; thus 10,000 scraps are needed to repair the weapon at 0%. 50 scraps repair 1% of an off-hand weapon; thus 5,000 scraps are needed to repair the weapon at 0%. Alternatively, drygore weapons can be repaired for coins by Bob in Lumbridge or at the armour stand of a player-owned house.

Comparing using chitin scraps to an armour stand for repairing drygore weaponry: the Smithing level at which the cost is equal is 140; thus, using chitin is cheaper for level 139 Smithing and lower, and using an armour stand is cheaper for level 141 Smithing and higher.


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The number of chitin scraps you receive from damaged chitin varies with your smithing level, using the following formula:

Enter your Smithing level name=skillstat_Smithing_level|type=int|value=1|range=60,106|sublist=calcchitin name=scraps|type=output

let( sm, skillstat_Smithing_level ) let( make, floor(21 + ((sm - 60) / 2)) ) let( scraps, "At a Smithing level of " + sm + ", you will make " + make + " scraps per piece of damaged chitin." )