Release date 24 July 2007 (Update)
Members Yes
Level 60
Book Standard Prayers
Drain rate 150 points per minute (1 point per 0.4 seconds)
Effect +7 Attack levels (for accuracy)
+7% Melee damage
+7 Defence levels (for armour)

The Chivalry Prayer gives 7 bonus levels to a player's Attack when calculating hit chance, 7 bonus levels to a player's Defence when calculating block chance, and a 7% boost to a player's melee damage dealt.

Requirements for using Chivalry are completion of King's Ransom and the Knight Waves training ground miniquest, along with level 60 Prayer.


  • Chivalry's drain rate is slower than its stronger counterpart, Piety, by 0.1 seconds. Upon release of the prayer though, they both drained prayer at exactly the same speed. The date upon which the drain rates were changed is unknown.
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