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Chocolate cake is a food item that players can make with a Cooking level of 50. A regular cake yields 180 Cooking experience when baked; the addition of a chocolate bar or chocolate dust will grant an additional 30 experience. The cake heals a total of 1,248 life points, equally spread over three bites of 416 life points each. When one bite is taken out, it becomes a 2/3 chocolate cake. When two bites are eaten, it becomes a chocolate slice.

Chocolate cakes used to be a members-only item, even though all the ingredients were available to non-members. Since this made little sense, Jagex changed the chocolate cake to a non-members item.

Making a chocolate cake from scratch in the Lumbridge kitchen is a Lumbridge/Draynor hard task.


To make a chocolate cake, use an egg, a bucket of milk, and a pot of flour with a cake tin to make an uncooked cake, then use the uncooked cake on a range. Finally, right click to use a chocolate bar or chocolate dust on the cake.

A fast way to make chocolate cakes is to buy chocolate bars from the baker at the Baker's Stall in East Ardougne and steal cakes from the stall (with level 5 Thieving) and combine the two.

Drop sources

Chocolate cake

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Christmas crackerN/A111.52%
Abyssal demon (Heart of Gielinor)1082Common
Ancient mage (Heart of Gielinor)1082Common
Ancient ranger (Heart of Gielinor)1082Common
Ancient warrior (Heart of Gielinor)1082Common
Automaton (Heart of Gielinor)1152Common
Automaton champion1182Common
Black Knight (Heart of Gielinor)1082Common
Black Knight champion1152Common
Blood reaver (Heart of Gielinor)1152Common
Bloodveld (Heart of Gielinor)1082Common
Brutish jadinko911Common
Butcher demon1182Common
Champion of Infernus1192Common
Chaos dwarf (Heart of Gielinor)1082Common
Fallen champion1192Common
Gourmet implingN/A1Common
Gourmet impling jarN/A1Common
Hellhound (Heart of Gielinor)1082Common
Mighty Blood reaver1182Common
Nechryael (Heart of Gielinor)1082Common
Necromancer (Heart of Gielinor)1082Common
Seren archer1082Common
Seren mage1082Common
Seren warrior1082Common
Shadow demon1182Common
Skeleton (Heart of Gielinor)1082Common
Wight ranger1082Common
Wolf (Heart of Gielinor)1082Common
Young implingN/A1Common
Zamorakian sniper (Heart of Gielinor)1082Common
Black dragon1001Uncommon
Red dragon843Uncommon
Ferocious jadinko1121Unknown

Chocolate slice

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Store locations

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2/3 chocolate cake and chocolate slice

2/3 chocolate cake is obtained by eating a bite of a chocolate cake, and a chocolate slice is what is left of a full chocolate cake after eating two bites. They have two and one uses left, respectively, each bite healing 416 life points.

It is not possible to add a chocolate bar to the 2/3 cake and slice of cake to create their respective chocolate cake items, nor can chocolate cake slices be recombined to make a full cake.


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