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Christmas Advent Calendar is a Treasure Hunter promotion that is running from 1 December 2019 to 25 December 2019.[1] During this promotion, different prizes are available to be won from Treasure Hunter each day. Players can also claim one free item each day from the Advent Calendar.

The Advent Calendar can be accessed in the Upgrades & Extras tab (default keybind is F6).

Daily free item

The player will receive a free Treasure Hunter key, in addition to the daily free item, for claiming a prize on its respective day rather than at a later date. If the player claims 15 prizes on their respective days, the Merry the Christmas Yeti pet will be unlocked.

Day Reward
0 December[n 1] 1 Treasure Hunter key
1 December 2 shining prismatic medium fallen stars
2 December 2 small combat training dummy crates
3 December 200 Hearts of Ice
4 December 200 magic notepaper
5 December 2 medium hydra lamps
6 December Prismatic huge fallen star
  1. ^ Accessed by selecting 1st December and using the left arrow to move to 0th December. The player must repeatedly click to claim the prize.

Treasure Hunter

1 December: Shining Prismania

Main article: Shining Prismania

All lamps and stars are the shining prismatic variant.

Shining small prismatic lamp
Shining medium prismatic lamp
Shining large prismatic lamp
Shining huge prismatic lamp
Shining prismatic small fallen star
Shining prismatic medium fallen star
Shining prismatic large fallen star
Shining prismatic huge fallen star

2 December: Loot Duels

Main article: Loot Duels

The player must choose between two chests that are randomly picked from a selection of 18 chests containing prizes from previous Treasure Hunter promotions.

3 December: Crystal Capsules

Main article: Crystal Capsules

Keys are used to unlock gems rather than the traditional chests. The remaining locked gems are shown on the right side of the interface, so players can see what rarity of items remain in the current gem selection.

4 December: Clairvoyance

Main article: Clairvoyance

Some of the chests' rarities and the prizes within are revealed prior to opening.

5 December: Hydra Lamps

Main article: Hydra Lamps

Some skill and prismatic lamps are the hydra variant.

Small hydra lamp
Medium hydra lamp
Large hydra lamp
Huge hydra lamp

6 December: Rainbow's End

Main article: Rainbow's End

A multiplier is in effect which can increase the amount of prizes won, while the promotional prizes are various rainbow items.



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