This article is about the 2009 Christmas event reward. For the reward from a miniquest, see Ghostly robes.

The Christmas ghost costume is a costume released during the 2009 Christmas event. The costume consists of three pieces of clothing: the hood, the top, and the bottoms.

The costume is made by players themselves, using bedsheets, chains, a needle, and thread found in Ebenezer Scourge's house. It is used during the event to scare Ebenezer Scourge into releasing the kidnapped Santa Claus. After the event, players may choose to keep the costume in the Toy box of a player-owned house. The Ghost costume on a female character has the same model as it does on a male character.

During the event, the destroy option says that you will be able to make another, but after the event the destroy option changes to say that another may be obtained from Diango in Draynor Village.

Christmas ghost costume equipped


  • The robes are inspired by the figure of the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come from A Christmas Carol. They are designed to be ambiguous, referencing the fact that the future is never for certain.
  • If you equip a shield and the ghost costume, it appears that the sleeves are popping out of the shield.
  • If you were to wear the ghost hood and talk to any NPCs in the Land of Snow, they would first say, "EEK! A GHOST!" then continue with their conversation (the statement is also similar to the examine text of a ghost).
  • In each of Avalani's strange visions of the Cryptic Clue Fest III you can see a character wearing the ghost robes.
  • If you travel to Port Phasmatys while wearing this costume, your chat box will say "The ghosts eye you suspiciously and recognize that you are masquerading as one of them."
  • Although they are not a part of the Christmas ghost costume set, players will find that the Mime gloves can appropriately be worn with it due to their strong similarity in colour. 
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