This article is about the polar bear agent. For the certer in RuneScape Classic, see Chuck (certer).

Script error Chuck is a talking polar bear and a member of the PBJ, an organisation meant to stop the penguins from taking over Gielinor.

During Hunt for Red Raktuber, Larry is taken away forcibly to the motherland by Pescaling Pax. Pescaling then abandons the player on a deserted island. This is the island where the player first encounters Chuck, poorly disguised as a palm tree. After Chuck is spotted and told about his ineptitude at disguises, he remarks Hmmm... We may need to have a meeting about that. To escape the island, Chuck allows the player to ride on his belly to East Ardougne.

Chuck then moves in the polar bear pen in the Ardougne Zoo and takes over the Larry's job in Penguin Hide and Seek. Players can talk to him to get the rewards. Chuck, as he reveals after the quest, is currently keeping an eye out for penguins like Larry normally would. He will also replace your Clockwork book if you lose it, although you can still get one from your house. He also features in Some Like It Cold and Back to the Freezer.



Chuck in his assigned pen in Ardougne Zoo.

Chuck in a Tree


  • On 10 August 2010, as a hidden update, Chuck was given a second right-click option "Hide-n-seek"; however, the option was moot, as it required a player to be standing next to him for it to work (something not possible, as Chuck is locked in a polar bear pen). The problem was fixed approximately two weeks after its release.
  • When claiming a reward from the Penguin Hide-n-seek Distraction and Diversion one of the chat options says "Show me the money!" This may be a reference to the movie Jerry Maguire.
  • Also, when the mouse is hovered over Chuck, a player can see the left-click option "Talk to Chuck." When paired with the option in later dialogue "Show me the money!" this could be seen as a reference to the investment company Charles Schwab.
  • If you stand on the outside of the zoo fence nearest to Chuck you can still talk/exchange penguin points with him (useful for saving a few seconds walking to him from east bank/teleport location).
  • On 27 February 2017 Chuck's hints for penguin locations started to include the ghost penguin. The clues however do not specify if a hint is for the ghost or a regular penguin.

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