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The church south-west of Port Sarim.

A Church is a building in RuneScape that usually contains an altar. Players can pray at an altar to replenish their Prayer points. Some churches have an organ in them, which can be played for pure entertainment.

Churches are located in many areas in RuneScape, but mostly cities and towns.

Churches are usually empty except for NPCs. If you enter the Lumbridge Church, you can find a person sleeping on a bench. This is probably for sheer comedy and maybe something created by Jagex so as to,"Perk up" RuneScape players, meaning to further entertain players and possibly give new players a good impression of the game. Sleeping church-goers can also be found in Varrock.

Some churches are placed in random areas, such as the chaos temple, and the one next to the entrance of the God Wars Dungeon.

List of Churches

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