Not to be confused with Inquisition of Saradomin.

The Church of Saradomin is a religious organisation dedicated to the worship of the deity Saradomin. The Church is amongst the most established in the realm of Gielinor, possessing branches in nearly every region and most major cities. The Church of Saradomin is perhaps most firmly established in southern Asgarnia, where its influence rivals that of the monarchy. The Church also has a Significant presence in Misthalin, where a majority of population follows its teachings.

The Church is based on the holy isle of Entrana, which is said to be the place Saradomin first arrived on Gielinor, and now hosts a large cathedral, and is home to a large order of Monks.


The Church of Saradomin has churches in:


  • The Church of Saradomin can be based in the Catholic Church, for the following reasons:
    • His followers are called priests and nuns, in addition to the fact that their temples are called churches, chapels and monasteries. Additionally, many of his priests appear to either shave or tonsure their hair, a common practice among Catholic monks.
    • Both churches had military orders, formed by several cavalries, among them an Knights Templar, which in the game are represented by the Temple Knights.
    • In 164, as shown in Legacy of Blood, the Inquisition of Saradomin was established, which lasted a single night. This parallels the real life Inquisition, which Pope Gregory IX established in 1232 for the suppression of heresy.
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