This article is about the musical instrument in churches. For those in player-owned houses, see Organ.
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Church organs are interactive scenery found in churches throughout RuneScape. Players can play the organ in the Lumbridge church, and will hear organ music. When the Lumbridge church organ is played, two skeletal hands (with no apparent owner) appear and start playing the organ. Church organs serve no purpose other than pure entertainment. Before a long past update, a player could enjoy a longer of two versions when playing the Church organ, one of them being a knock off of the classic Scape Theme, and the other being the longer version after the skeleton hand animation update. This is still possible on other organs other than Lumbridge.

The examine info, "With skill, I can play this.", has led some players to believe that Jagex will add the ability to play music to the game as a skill.

Locations of church organs

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Playing an organ

Church organs can be found in:


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