Citharede robes equipped

A player wearing Citharede robes

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The special effect
Abbess Benita explains the use of the robes.

Citharede robes are a reward from the One Piercing Note quest. They can be found in the robe cabinet in the basement of the Citharede Abbey. As they are related to the god Saradomin, each piece of the set provides protection against Saradomin followers in the God Wars Dungeon. They also alter the players appearance in the Zamorak and Guthix portals at Castle Wars.

The Citharede robes have a unique function, that allows players who are wearing the complete robe set (hood, top, bottom, and symbol) to recharge their Prayer points by listening to musicians found around Gielinor, at the speed of 30 prayer points per game tick, or 150 points every 3 seconds.

The complete set can be stored in the armour case in a player-owned house.

Components and Bonuses

 ItemMain-handOff-hand Attributes Style bonus
Style Dmg Acc Style Dmg Acc Defence Constitution Prayer Attack-icon Ranged-icon Magic-icon
Citharede hoodHood - - - - - - 0 0 1 - - -
Citharede robe topTop - - - - - - 0 0 3 - - -
Citharede robe bottomBottom - - - - - - 0 0 2 - - -
Citharede symbolSymbol - - - - - - 0 0 4 - - -
Totals - - - - - - 0 0 10 - - -

If destroyed it can be recovered from the Abbey's robe cabinet in the basement.


Citharede robes concept art

Concept art for the robes

  • The difference between regular monk robes and the Citharede robes (both in looks as the number of individual parts) may suggest that there are different religious orders within the Church of Saradomin, which gives another parallel to real world Christianity, in specific: Roman Catholicism (like: Augustinians, Benedictines, Dominicans, etc.)
  • Although the original concept art of the robes showed a cape, this was removed at some point before the quest's release.
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