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| Deliver [[honeycomb]]s
| Deliver [[honeycomb]]s
| 19-26
| 19-37
| NPC refers to them as 'chunks of honeycomb'
| NPC refers to them as 'chunks of honeycomb'
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| Deliver [[molten glass]]
| Deliver [[molten glass]]
| 21
| 19-21

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City Quests are small miniquests involving citizens of Menaphos. They involve completing three tasks such as fetching varying quantities of items and killing certain monsters.

Players may speak to Urluk in the Merchant district and ask if he's heard rumours about City Quests for hints on where to find active City Quests, as well as remind players of their current active City Quest. Players must wait a while after completing their last City Quest before getting another.

A citizen with an available City Quest will have a symbol of Menaphos above their head.


A map displaying the locations of City Quest NPCs.[1]


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Task Amount Notes
Deliver acadia logs 18
Deliver air battlestaves 2-5
Deliver avantoe seeds 7-37
Deliver bananas 12-32
Deliver barberry seeds 100
Deliver bat bones 23-26
Deliver battlestaves 2
Deliver beltfish 19 Must be raw
Deliver big bones 16-27
Deliver black candles 2-4 Can be bought from the candle merchant in Catherby
Deliver Bones 23
Deliver Bronze Bars 16-17
Deliver candles 18-27
Deliver catfish 22 Must be raw
Deliver choc-ices 4-6
Deliver copper ore 100-155
Deliver damaged chitin 8-27
Deliver desert goat horns 14-25
Deliver dragon bones 4
Deliver dwarf weed seeds 16-25
Deliver earth battlestaves 2-5
Deliver fire battlestaves 2-5
Deliver flax 100
Deliver fly trap seeds 100
Deliver honeycombs 19-37 NPC refers to them as 'chunks of honeycomb'
Deliver irit seeds 23-35
Deliver lantadyme seeds 7-8
Deliver lobsters 100
Deliver locust meat 5
Deliver magic logs 11-20
Deliver mithril bars 21
Deliver molten glass 19-21
Deliver papyrus 17-26
Deliver prickly pear seeds 100
Deliver rocktails 6-8 Must be cooked
Deliver ropes 67-76 NPC refers to them as 'bundles of rope' or 'lengths of rope'
Deliver rosemary seeds 100
Deliver sandstone (1kg) 100
Deliver sharks 25
Deliver snapdragon seeds 6-15
Deliver spirit kalphite pouches 6-24
Deliver strips of cloth 23-28
Deliver sunchoke seeds 100
Deliver water battlestaves 2-5
Deliver waterskins 37-46 Must be waterskin (4)
Deliver wolf bones 14-16
Deliver yew logs 20-27
Kill bandits 33 Kill the ones located at the Kharidian Bandit Camp, not the Pollnivneach Bandits, these will not count
Kill crocodiles 42-74 Crocodile akh in the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon also count.
Kill desert goats 8
Kill desert snakes 27-30
Kill desert lizards 50
Kill exiled kalphites 23-36 Corrupted kalphite guardian in the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon count as kalphites but not as exiled kalphites.
Kill guards 8-34 In the Desert Mining Camp
Kill Kalphites 24 Exiled kalphites count.
Kill locusts 66-96
Kill Menaphite thugs 23-32 In Pollnivneach
Kill mummies 36-40
Kill plague frogs 35-36
Kill rowdy slaves 4-33 In the Desert Mining Camp (requires metal key), world hopping is essential for timely kills
Kill scarabs 32-36 Scarab swarms or corrupted scarabs count toward this task, but scabarites do not.
Kill scorpions 24-32 Corrupted scorpions in the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon count.

Citizens with City Quests

Port district Merchant district Worker district Imperial district Central plaza
Charnak chathead Charnak Imhapi chathead Imhapi Danwad chathead Danwad Amunemen chathead Amunemen Coenus chathead Coenus
Danlozep chathead Danlozep Khattak chathead Khattak Inhamat chathead Inhamat Anhur chathead Anhur N/A
Hieromonk Genjiro chathead Hieromonk Genjiro Lisah chathead Lisah Khamud chathead Khamud Banafrit chathead Banafrit N/A
Captain Harkhebi chathead Captain Harkhebi Menhet chathead Menhet Kharl chathead Kharl Jhonatan chathead Jhonatan N/A
Adoratrice Haruko chathead Adoratrice Haruko Nefertari chathead Nefertari Malala chathead Malala Sabrina chathead Sabrina N/A
Sensei Hakase chathead Sensei Hakase Psamtik chathead Psamtik Sennefer chathead Sennefer N/A N/A
Henutemipet chathead Henutemipet Pia chathead Pia Tefibi chathead Tefibi N/A N/A
Bosun Higgs chathead Bosun Higgs Septhys chathead Septhys N/A N/A N/A
Hisamitsu chathead Hisamitsu N/A N/A N/A N/A
Strykewyrm Jim chathead Strykewyrm Jim N/A N/A N/A N/A
Lokkir chathead Lokkir N/A N/A N/A N/A
Makhredrup chathead Makhredrup N/A N/A N/A N/A
Olivia (Menaphos) chathead Olivia N/A N/A N/A N/A
Rhotep chathead Rhotep N/A N/A N/A N/A


Upon completion of a city quest players are awarded 2,000 reputation with their aligned faction and either a small, medium, or large Menaphite gift offering. There is also a chance to receive either the idocrase or hauyne jewels upon completion, if not already owned.

Players may also receive 2-3 slayer points at the end of a city quest, if the city quest has assigned players to kill mobs.


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