Clan Admin Messages were introduced on 31 March 2014 as a way of informing other clan members when certain events occur within the clan. Clan members with the appropriate permissions may choose which messages are displayed and which ranks will receive these messages.

Clan Broadcast Settings

Citadel messages

  • [Player A] has initiated a map on the Clan Battlefield.
  • A battle has ended on the Citadel Battlefield, the [Red/Blue] team won!
  • [Player A] has initiated the Clan Theatre.
  • [Clan Name] now own a citadel!
  • [Player A] has visited the citadel, total number of visitors is now #.
  • [Player A] has manually locked [Plot A] in citadel.
  • [Player A] has manually unlocked [Plot A] in citadel.
  • [Player A] has capped at the citadel. [x] clan members have capped this week.

Admin messages

  • [Player A] has been changed from [Clan Job X] to [Clan Job Y] by [Player B].
  • [Player A] has adjusted [Permission] to [Rank]+
  • [Player A] demoted [Player B] from [old rank] to [new rank].
  • [Player A] promoted [Player B] from [old rank] to [new rank].
  • [Player A] added [Player B] to the clan ban list.
  • [Player A] Removed [Player B] from the clan ban list.
  • [Player A] has changed the Clan Login message.

Events messages

  • Events have been edited on the noticeboard by [Player A].

Avatar messages

  • [Player A] has summoned an avatar with the [avatar buff] activated.
  • [Player A] has sent the avatar home.
  • [Player A] has logged out with an avatar.
  • [Player A] has recalled an avatar to the citadel.

Join/Leave messages

  • Guest has entered clan chat.
  • Guest left clan chat.
  • [Player A] has recruited [Player B] to the Clan. There are now [x] members in the Clan.
  • [Player A] left the clan. [Player A]'s reason for leaving: [reason]
  • [Player A] joined the Clan Chat Channel.
  • [Player A] left the Clan Chat Channel.
  • [Player A] has kicked [Player B] from the clan.

Mute messages

  • [Player A] has muted [Player B] in Clan Chat.

Settings messages

  • [Player A] changed the official clan QFC.
  • [Player A] has edited the clan keywords.
  • [Player A] has edited the clan motif.
  • [Player A] has edited the clan motto.
  • [Player A] has saved changes to the Clan Admin Message settings.
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