The clan noticeboard.

The clan noticeboard's main interface.

The Clan Noticeboard is located within the Clan Camp, just west of the clan meeting tent. It is used to display information about a clan's upcoming events. Clan members will get an interface which shows the clan's symbol, colours and motto, the clan time as set in clan settings, the game time and the events set by the clan admins, as well as the world, buff and summoning warden of clan avatars.

Managing events

The clan noticeboard's administration interface.

Clan members ranked admin or higher can edit the clan events by right-clicking the noticeboard and selecting Administrate. They will then get an interface where they can change the clan events.

They can choose the world for the event (1 to 200) and the date and time. They then need to choose who can attend the event, the event location, and the event type (some event types allow a subtype to be picked).

They can also set a thread ID for a forum thread about the event and choose whether or not members must attend the event and whether or not it will appear on the Clan vexillum.

Event types

The types of events clan admins can select are:

  • Minigames (sub-categories listed are all RuneScape minigames)
  • Clan meeting
  • Distractions and Diversions (sub-categories listed are all RuneScape Distractions and Diversions)
  • Dungeon
  • Gathering
  • Meeting
  • Party
  • PVP
  • Quest
  • Roleplay
  • Skilling (sub-categories listed are all RuneScape skills)
  • Tasks (sub-categories listed are all RuneScape tasks)

Note: other event types do not have a subtype menu to choose from.

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