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The clan avatar is a members-only customisable reward available for clans. They were first announced in the 2012 August Behind the Scenes. Avatars are made out of elemental forces, providing boosts, buffs and protection to clan members while summoned.

Avatar habitat[]

In order to use a clan avatar around the surface world, an avatar habitat must be built for them, which come in basic, medium, and grand forms. The resource requirements to build habitats are:

  • Basic - Tier 1 citadel, 3000 timber
  • Medium - Tier 4 citadel, 30,000 timber, 30,000 precious bars
  • Grand - Tier 7 citadel, 30,000 timber, 30,000 precious bars, 30,000 rations

If the citadel becomes dilapidated, the avatars will become inaccessible.


Avatar recall rune

The avatar control stone

Clan avatar customisations

The customisation screen

Avatars display their clan's logo and colours automatically, but the appearance of an avatar can be changed manually. Changing the appearance of an avatar doesn't cost anything and can be done at any time.

Each of the nine parts of an avatar may incorporate any of the four elements—earth, water, fire or air. Each avatar requires a head, as well as an upper and lower body, while the other parts are removable.

To customise an avatar, a clan member must first be granted the Customise Avatar permission in Clan Settings. They may then interact with the Avatar Control Stone in the citadel and customise it from there.


Any clan member may summon an avatar by interacting with the Avatar Control Stone, selecting a buff, and then summoning the avatar from their pet interface via the Follower Pets tab if the buff is active.

Prior to an update on 30 July 2018, to summon a clan avatar, a clan member must have held a rank of Administrator or higher and must have been assigned the Avatar Warden job through Clan settings, under Clanmates. Clans could not have more than one avatar summoned in any game world, however multiple avatars were able to be summoned in their citadel.


Clan avatar (buff active)

A clan avatar with a buff activated

Avatar Buff Select

The Avatar Buff Select interface

Buffs may be activated per clan member by interacting with the Avatar Control Stone and selecting Activate your weekly buff. Players can only have one weekly buff activated at a time.

Buff Icon Effect
Skill Plot Bonus Skill Plot Bonus buff 50% more resources from skilling in the citadel; this does not increase the cap for the individual, but instead increases the rate of resources produced. Note that experience gained per action does not change, so after reaching your cap you will have received only half the experience.
Skilling Bonus Skilling Bonus buff 3% more experience for skilling, increasing up to 6% depending on the player's fealty level.

Skilling bonus[]

The Avatar Skilling Buff works with the following:

An intermediate situation exists where:

  • When the avatar warden enters an area where the avatar is hidden, such as the Grand Exchange, the warden continues to receive the 3% bonus.

The Avatar Skilling Buff does not work with the following:

Citadel Resource Gathering[]

Clan avatar follower interface

The Clan Avatar's Follower Details interface, displaying life points, current buff and resources gathered

The clan citadels were originally the flying fortresses of the aviansie, so Armadyl would have had his throne up there somewhere. Since the magic of the citadels is Armadyl's, it makes sense that the avatars are made by Armadyl too! Hope that makes sense.

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Clan avatars can also collect in the Citadel. To do this interact with the Avatar Control Stone and then select the Gather resources option. YOU MUST have your avatar follower out for them to collect resources. They collect whichever resource is assigned to it, at one ninetieth of resource cap per 45 seconds (i.e., [1/90] * resource limit). There is a resource cap, the same amount as clan members for the clan's Citadel (e.g. 2000 for Tier 5 storehouse, 2350 for Tier 6, and so on). Once set to gather, the Avatar will continue to gather anywhere in the citadel except the Battlefield.



  • When trying to bring the clan avatar into the Tears of Guthix minigame, Juna, the guardian, says "I will not allow that creation of Armadyl into this cave".
  • Ironman accounts can not benefit from the buffs of a clan avatar. Attempting to do so will result in the clan messages "The Avatar ignores you as you are in Ironman Mode".
  • When trying to bring the clan avatar into the Fish Flingers Competition, the Fisherman will say "Umm, sorry, but you can't take that, erm, floaty thing with you..."
  • When trying to bring the clan avatar into the Crucible, a game message will state "Your clan avatar is repelled by the dark entrance and refuses to enter. You'll need to dismiss it."
  • Clan avatars can't be attacked by clan members. Only non-clan members can attack it. When it dies, it simply respawns back in the citadel.
  • Clan avatars can collect resources from skill plots that have not been built yet, but the skill plot has to be in the upgrades queue for the avatar to collect the resources from that skill plot.
  • Sometimes Clan avatars will randomly "dismiss" themselves when entering redirection portals or entering instanced areas. Clicking "Call follower" should bring the Avatar back to you.
  • The Skill Plot Bonus buff originally boosted resource collection by 10%. This was increased to 100% on 9 July 2018.
Avatar recall interface

The avatar recall interface

  • Prior to an update on 30 July 2018, clan members needed to gather anagogic orts to receive the benefit of avatar buffs. They could only find 200 orts per day, and needed to pay the avatar 300 orts for their weekly buff. There could only be three avatars out at a time, and in order for a clan member to summon a new one, they needed to recall one of the previous ones from what is now the Avatar Control Stone.
  • Several buffs - Heal Over Time, Familiar Faces, Auto Ort, Random Resurrection, and Protector - were removed prior to the update on 30 July 2018.