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Not to be confused with Elven clan cape.

Clan cloak detail
Clan symbols

All the available symbols for the clan cloak

The clan cloak is a cloak players can equip to show their clan allegiance, and is the wearable counterpart to the clan vexillum. To obtain one, speak to the Captain of the Guard in the Clan Camp or Clan Citadel while being a member in a clan with at least five members. He will also replace the cloak if lost. Players can give the vexillum to another clan member by using it on them.

It features the clan logo and the clan colour, chosen by the clan leader or admins/deputy owner. These can be configured in the 'Clan Settings' of the Clan interface by the owner/Admin of the clan.

The clan cloak was released together with the Clan Camp, and is partially customisable with two icons from a set and a selection of colours from a palette. The colours and symbols of the clan cloak as well as the clan vexillum can be edited using the Clan Customisation tool, which can be found in the Clan Chat tab of the side interface. Four colours can be customised: the main cape colour, the cape's trim/inside colour, and one colour for each of the two logos.

Clan capes can be used as a free cosmetic override.

Combat Stats
RequirementsClan cloak equipped
NoneBack slot
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses

Fealty upgrade[]

Each rank of fealty the player has adds a cosmetic star to the bottom of the clan cloak (to a maximum of 3 at rank 3 fealty).

The cloak does not need to be worn to get the bonus at the Clan Citadel (can be on cape rack in player-owned house, in the bank or unobtained).

Once the player has achieved fealty rank 3, they may claim their weekly experience reward by right-clicking on their clan cloak, and clicking "Fealty-Reward." The amount of experience gained is determined by the level of the skill chosen; the formula is the same as the formula used to gain exp in the Shattered Heart Distraction and Diversion and Jack of trades aura.

Note: When using the "Fealty Reward" on Elite Skills such as Invention, the experience gained is halved. For example: At level 10 Invention, the experience gained by the clan cloak is 90 XP.

The fealty level will remain the same if a player changes clans and continues to skill in the new clan.

Experience reward formula[]

The experience gained at level is

 template = Template:Shattered heart calc
 form = shf
 result = shr
 param = 1|Skill's Level||int|1-120
Clan Cloak Tier 3 Reward Calculator
Calculator is loading...
0 Experience Points
Level Experience gained
1 99 118.8
10 180 216
20 460 552
30 940 1128
40 1620 1944
50 2500 3000
60 3580 4296
70 4860 5832
80 6340 7608
90 8020 9624
99 9703 11643.6

After redeeming the experience the chat box will say:

"Your clan cloak draws power from the citadel, awarding you <#> XP in <Skill>!"



  • On 1 June 2011, the clan cloak's collar was changed to two separate collars so as to not cover the player's amulet slot.
  • If a player enters a High Risk Wilderness World while wearing this item, its colours and symbols will appear default (RS symbols with blue colour) until the player clicks to continue on the message telling them they cannot use their protect items prayer. A similar glitch appears on world 42, when the roleplaying notification appears.
  • The fealty tier 2 cape could be achieved any time a build tick occurred after the fealty cape update. A player would need to gather the resources necessary for a ring after the update, then gather the resources again after the build tick. Because of this, some clans members were able to gain the tier 2 cape within the first day of the fealty system's release.
  • On 19 June 2012, all vexilla were changed to default colours. Clan cloaks were also affected, and all clan citadels appeared to cease to exist.
  • There is currently a glitch that causes the player to remain at level 3 fealty despite not even visiting the citadel for multiple weeks. The clan cape will have 3 stars until it is unequipped and re-equipped.
  • A graphical update on 8 September 2012 changed the base cape, affecting the clan cloak and many other capes (e.g. herald cape, web cloak, etc.). It also added side flares and made the bottom symbol colour the same as the primary colour of the clan cloak.