Claw-dia Stall
Clawdia grabber
Release date 24 April 2017 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest No
Location Lumbridge Crater
Examine 2017: A machine used to grab a toy. Guaranteed prize! (50 tokens)
2018: A machine used to grab a toy. Guaranteed prize!

The Claw-dia Stall is part of the Spring Fayre found in the north-western part of the crater. Grabbing prizes at the stall is free and can be done once a day, awarding a Claw-dia machine prize box.

There is a confirmation prompt about using the stall which can be toggled off permanently.

Attempting to grab prizes after the daily use prompts the message:

  • You've already used this machine as much as you can for today. Other people need a chance to get the goodies as well!


Grabbing a prize from the stall required 50 fayre attraction tokens and could be done twice per day.

It always used tokens, even during Happy hour, and always awarded a Claw-dia machine prize box. It also awarded six fayre prize tickets.

Attempting to grab prizes without enough fayre attraction tokens prompted the messages:

  • You do not have enough fayre tokens to use this machine. You need 50 tokens.
  • You can get more fayre tokens and tickets from the stall by the Bucking Baroo.
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