This is a dangerous event.
If you die, you will lose your items and will need to reclaim them from Death or your grave.
Gilly Willikers chathead
Clawdia only appears during events and may not be currently found in game.
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Clawdia is a boss monster featured in the Summer Beach Party, in the centre of the Lumbridge Crater. She is a large crustacean that appears once every hour at the 45 minute mark, signified by a start of rain in the area. If she is not defeated after 5 minutes, she will retreat. Rewards are still granted to players who have attacked her before that time.

Clawdia deals damage in all attack forms from 1-10% of the player's current life points. All of her attacks will hit in an area-of-effect, damaging players near her target. She has 5 attacks:

  • Melee AoE: This deals damage in a large area in the direction Clawdia is facing.
  • Ranged AoE: A small area of damage in front of her. Clawdia claps her front pincers together and shoots a sonic shockwave, which is only visible in standard detail.
  • Magic DoT: This is a 1x1 DoT (damage over time) attack that lasts about 10 seconds.
  • Water Jet: Clawdia slowly spins and deals typeless damage to players in her line of sight.
  • Splash AoE: This is a very large AoE attack that deals melee damage to all attacking players.

Clawdia has the following attack pattern:

  • 4 auto-attacks
  • Splash AoE
  • 4 auto-attacks
  • Magic DoT
  • 4 auto-attacks
  • Splash AoE
  • 4 auto-attacks
  • Water Jet

Deaths to Clawdia are not safe, meaning items are lost upon death and Hardcore Ironman Mode players will lose a life. However, since Clawdia does damage according to your current health, it is very difficult for her to kill you.

The title Lifeguard [Name] is acquired after helping defeat Clawdia 50 times.

It was possible to defeat Clawdia more than once per hour by switching worlds, but with the Beach's return in 2016, players can only receive drops from Clawdia once per hour, and only one kill per hour counts towards the title. Clawdia despawns in 5 minutes if not killed, but players who have engaged her in combat will still be rewarded.

Before the event when players could hand in sand one possible dialogue has Reyna noticing a small crustacean in one of the buckets. During the event, she states to the player that Clawdia arrived at the beach in one of the buckets of sand donated, then an "adorable little creature". She also states that the Wizards' Tower claims that Clawdia was sent as a defender by Gielinor to retaliate for the Battle of Lumbridge.

Clawdia plays a small role in Gower Quest, appearing in at the Behind the Scenes bar. Attempting to talk to her will bring up a message that she cannot talk as she was never given a chathead.

It is not possible to attack Clawdia with a deathtouched dart.[1]


Being in combat with Clawdia at any point before she is defeated or retreats can grant 1 to 5 rewards. Players must be on the beach to receive said rewards; leaving the beach when Clawdia is defeated/retreats does not give rewards. The possible rewards are:

Every year

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Ice creamIce cream1CommonNot sold
Lemon sourLemon sour1CommonNot sold
PineappletiniPineappletini1CommonNot sold
Pink fizzPink fizz1CommonNot sold
Purple LumbridgePurple Lumbridge1CommonNot sold
Anti-sun potionAnti-sun potion1UncommonNot sold
Barrel of monkeys (Summer Beach Party)Barrel of monkeys5Uncommon1,350
Water balloonWater balloon50UncommonNot sold
Challenge gemChallenge gem1Rare452,634


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Beach ball tokenBeach ball token1Rare12,238
Bucket head tokenBucket head token1Rare18,891
Bunting whip tokenBunting whip token1Rare102,318
Buried in sand rest emote tokenBuried in sand rest emote token1Rare118,529
Clawdia hat tokenClawdia hat token1Rare2,489,455
Dragon ring tokenDragon ring token1Rare58,006
Gillbert pet tokenGillbert pet token1Rare1,362,551
Phoebe pet tokenPhoebe pet token1Rare1,594,784
Stick of rock tokenStick of rock token1Rare68,744
Snorkel tokenSnorkel token1Rare23,112
Surfboard emote tokenSurfboard emote token1Rare76,884
Throwing disc tokenThrowing disc token1Rare7,170
Throwing starfish tokenThrowing starfish token1Rare29,882


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Water balloon launcher tokenWater balloon launcher token1Rare31,591
Shark fin tokenShark fin token1Rare59,569
Conga eel whip tokenConga eel whip token1Rare11,895
Sand dunk resting emote tokenSand dunk resting emote token1Rare7,223
Clawdia wings tokenClawdia wings token1Rare98,024
Duck ring tokenDuck ring token1Rare6,402,861
Pufferfish follower pet tokenPufferfish follower pet token1Rare2,791,493
Starfish follower pet tokenStarfish follower pet token1Rare1,977,500
Coral dagger tokenCoral dagger token1Rare13,757
Coral sword tokenCoral sword token1Rare50,632
Ice lolly wand tokenIce lolly wand token1Rare578,065
Hacky sack resting emote tokenHacky sack resting emote token1Rare197,015
Lifeguard chair head tokenLifeguard chair head token1Rare12,920


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Pyramid hat head tokenPyramid hat head token1Rare11,825
Kahului parasol tokenKahului parasol token1Rare15,802
Clawdia balloonClawdia balloon1CommonNot sold


Clawdia concept art

Concept art of Clawdia

  • Clawdia's name was chosen from a social media competition, "Name our Beach Boss".[2]
  • In 2017, Clawdia's life points were increased to 10,000,000, up from 1,500,000 from previous years.


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